Start the season right with a professional pool opening

A&E Pools will:

  • Inspect and assemble all equipment as needed
  • Place all equipment into operation and inspect for leaks.
  • Add Shock as necessary.
  • Advise on any repairs, upgrades, or maintenance

Weekly Pool Maintenance

  • Checking of filter and filter pressure.
  • Vacuum the pool is necessary.
  • Filter cleaning if water is unclear
  • Debris Removal from skimmers and strainers
  • Water testing
  • Addition of proper chemicals to ensure proper pool balance.
  • Brushing of pool liner.
  • Inspection of liner for tears or cracking.
  • inspection of valves and pool plumbing.

Proper inspection and care of a swimming pool can prevent situations such as heater failure, flooding from degraded plumbing, and potential injury to the eyes and skin from unbalanced chemical levels.

End the season right with a professional pool closing

When it comes to the end of the summer, you want to make sure you leverage our professional pool services.  We can make sure your pool is properly balanced and closed to avoid costly damages from improper winterization.  Freezing temperatures can introduce a harsh environment to your pool and damage the plumbing system if not winterized properly.  To winterize your pool properly, A&E will:

  • Make sure the pools chemistry is properly balanced.
  • Blow out all lines in the plumbing system.
  • Drain and clean the filter.
  • Remove pool pump.
  • Remove ladders and railings.
  • Install pool cover.
  • Seal skimmers.
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